Oklahoma! dress rehearsal photos, courtesy Dee Baily

Beautiful Mornin'
“Oh what a beautiful mornin'”
Curly McLain (Matthew La Rochelle) sings to
Aunt Eller (Karen Tricomo)

Kansas City 1
“Kansas City”
(“Later in the second act”)
Will Parker (Beau Dream)

I Cain't Say No
“I cain't say No”
Ado Annie (Jessica Golden)

People will say we're in love
“People will say we're in love"
Laurey (Heather Tinling) and
Curly (Matthew La Rochelle)
Surrey with the fringe on top
“Surrey with the fringe on top”
(“Hush! you bird, my baby's a-sleepin’”)
Curly McLain (Matthew La Rochelle) and
Laurey Williams (Heather Tinling)

Kansas City 2
“Kansas City”
Will Giblin (carrying) and
Andrew Stein (carried)

Persian goodbye
A Persian goodbye
Ali Hakim (Darryl Hubbard) and
Ado Annie (Jessica Golden)

Dream Ballet
Dream ballet
Dream Curly (David Kautz) and
Dream Laurey (Mia Kanter)