The Yeomen of the Guard       (This production has closed.)
A Lyric Theatre Mainstage Production
Fully staged, with orchestra

Music:  Arthur Sullivan
Libretto:  W.S. Gilbert

The Yeomen of the Guard corps was created in 1485 to guard the British Monarch and is still active today. Using the Yeomen to create a formal tone, Gilbert & Sullivan  created a more serious work, set in the Tower of London. Critics considered the score to be Sullivan's finest, including its overture.  Although the tone is the most serious of the Gilbert & Sullivan collaborations, there is plenty of Gilbert’s wit throughout, for your enjoyment!

Colonel Fairfax has been framed by his cousin and is about to be executed.  Sergeant Meryll, his son Leonard, and his daughter Phoebe plan a daring escape for him.  The plan depends on Phoebe wheedling the cell keys from Head Jailer Wilfred Shadbolt, who has a crush on her.

Two strolling players, Jack Point and Elsie Maynard, arrive at the tower.  Elsie, badly needing money, accepts 100 crowns to be married anonymously to Fairfax, being told that he will die in an hour.  But then he escapes...

There is also plenty of humor, as Phoebe toys with Wilfred, while Sergeant Meryll tries to avoid elderly Dame Carruthers, who "would marry but for a minute rather than die an old maid."

The Yeomen of the Guard was an immediate hit in London and New York.

Performances at the San José City College Theater
  • Sat, March 23, 2019, 8 pm
  • Sun, March 24, 2019, 2 pm
  • Fri, March 29, 2019, 8 pm
  • Sat, March 30, 2019, 2 pm
  • Sun, March 31, 2019, 2 pm
Stage Director:  Walter M. Mayes
Vocal Director:  Walter M. Mayes
Music Director:  Paul Zawilski
Assistant Stage Director:  Michael Cuddy

Producer:  Jeff Yaeger
Assistant Producer:  Doreen Finkelstein


Elsie Maynard:  Kathryn Benedicto
Jack Point:  Nicholas Dahlman
Colonel Fairfax:  Michael Stahl
Wilfred Shadbolt:  Jeffrey Lampert
Sergeant Meryll:  David Powell
Phoebe Meryll:  Brianna Stutzman
Leonard Meryll:  Mark Blattel
Dame Carruthers:  Jen Kiernan
Kate, her niece:  Sarah Birdsall
Lieutenant Sir Richard Cholmondeley:  Bobby Singer
1st Yeoman:  Karen Tricomo
2nd Yeoman:  Mark Baushke
3rd Yeoman:  Francis Upton IV
4th Yeoman:  Dennis Gaushell
1st Citizen:  Becky Brownson
2nd Citizen:  Dallas Carter

Ensemble of Townsfolk and Yeomen

Elaine Aviles
Mark Baushke
Erin Bennett
Becky Brownson
Don Brownson
Dallas Carter
Bob Crabb
Terri Crabb
Jane Crockford
Elinor Gates
Dennis Gaushell
Beverly Hansberry
Lynne Haynes-Tucker
Liz Ho
Kathy Kriese
Taylor Landess
Jennifer Noel Medeiros
Cody Moore
Shelby Nester
Karen Tricomo
Francis Upton
Luana Zapata
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