Thespis                                                     This production has closed.
A Lyric Theatre Discovery Series Production
Semi-staged, with orchestra

Music:  Bruce Montgomery and Arthur Sullivan
Libretto:  W.S. Gilbert

Thespis, written as a Christmas season burlesque in 1871, is the first collaboration between W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan.  It ran for 63 performances when most such lightweight material was lucky to get 20 performances.

No vocal score was ever published, and most of the music has since been lost.  Two songs have survived because they were published in sheet music form.  Sullivan repurposed one of these, “Climbing over rocky mountain”, in The Pirates of Penzance.  Scholars have since argued that Sullivan also reused much of the remaining music.

Many composers have assembled or written replacement music.  We are presenting a version with music written by Bruce Montgomery of the University of Pennsylvania in a Sullivan-like style.  He has retained the two surviving songs, “Climbing over rocky mountain” and “Little maid of Arcadee.”

The plot is simple. The gods on Mt. Olympus have grown old and bored. When a troupe of actors climb the mountain for a picnic, they and the gods quickly work out a scheme to leave the actors in charge on Mt. Olympus while the gods go for a holiday on earth. Complications ensue and are only set right in Act II by having the gods return to Mt. Olympus and the actors to earth.

Lyric Theatre is proud to produce this rarely heard gem for your musical enjoyment!

Performances at the San José City College Theater
  • Sat, August 3, 2019, 8 pm
  • Sun, August 4, 2019, 2 pm

           Steve Austin
Stage Director:  Laurie Hupman
Music Director:  Jeff Yaeger


The Gods:
Jupiter: Michael Cuddy

Apollo: Kenneth Cioffi

Mars: Larry Tom

Diana: Linda Solis

Venus: Elinor Gates

Mercury: Jeff Lampert

The Actors:
    Thespis: Daniel Galpin
    Sillimon: Daniel Smith
    Timidon: Mark Baushke
    Sparkeion: Katia Hayati
    Nicemis: Jennifer Noel Medeiros
    Tipseion: Karen Tricomo
    Preposteros: Gwendolyne Wagner
    Stupidas: Miles Spielberg
    Pretteia: Jane Crockford
    Daphne: Brianna Stutzman
    Cymon: Kelly Walker

Ronan Beltracchi
Bob Crabb
Terri Crabb
Dale Crandall
Sarah Deranleau
Doreen Finkelstein
Lisa Gartland
Nikolaus Heath
Laura Knoop Kathy Kriese
Riley Saito

Thespis poster