Lyric Theatre Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the decision-making body for Lyric Theatre. Board members are elected for a two year term by the general membership, and meet monthly to discuss finances, repertoire, facilities, volunteers, and a variety of other subjects. In addition, a number of committees have been formed to address specific areas.

Board Membership

  • President Ann Byler
  • Vice-President Don Krajewski
  • Secretary Teri Lockhart
  • Treasurer Peter Krajewski
Board Members 

Steve Austin, Ann Byler, Doreen Finkelstein, Chris Frye,  Bruce Herman, Laurie Hupman, Barbara Murray, Jeff Yaeger

In addition to the Board, there are a number of "staff" positions (remember that we are all volunteers!)


Box Office Manager
  • Chris Frye
Costume Shop Manager 
  • Kathleen O'Brien
Database Manager
  • Chris Frye

  • Chair Bruce Herman
  • Members Ann Byler, Dennis Gaushell, Bob March, Robert Reininger, Larry Tom
  • Chair Pat Burleigh
  • Members Robert Reininger
  • Chair Don Krajewski
  • Treasurer Peter Krajewski
  • Members Ann Byler, Chris Frye, Jeffrey Yaeger
  • Chair Don Krajewski
  • Members Christina Bertani, Ann Byler
IT Group 
  • Chair (open)
  • Webmaster Larry Byler
  • Web Designer Tim Converse
  • Chair Dennis Gaushell
  • Members Dee Baily, Sarah Benzinger, Ann Byler, Larry Byler, Chris Frye, Maggie Fukuda, Bob March, Joanne Newman, Bob Reininger
Newsletter, The Patter Post
  • Editor Bruce Herman
  • Staff Jeff Boylan, Larry Byler, Linda Jansen, Neil Midkiff
Orchestra Managers 
  • Ann Byler (strings)
  • Joel Greene (woodwinds)
  • Jeff Yaeger (brass)
Organizational Staff
  • Chair Ann Byler
  • Members Christina Bertani,
    Chris Frye, Linda Reininger
  • Chair (open)
  • Shutter Divas Photography
Production Review
  • Co-Chairs Doreen Finkelstein and Michele Sullivan
  • Members Ann Byler, Christina Bertani, Laurie Hupman, Barbara Murray, Sarah Terman
Production Staff
  • Chair Doreen Finkelstein
  • Members Ann Byler, Mark Blattel, Chris Frye,
    Bruce Herman, Laurie Hupman, Kathy Kriese
  • Chair Barbara Murray
  • Members Ann Byler, Bruce Herman, Laurie Hupman, Jeffrey Yaeger
  • Chair Michele Sullivan
  • Members Ray Burleigh, Ann Byler, Doreen Finkelstein, Don Krajewski, Rover Spotts
Theater Venue Manager 
  • Ann Byler
  • Andrew and Carol Mellows
Volunteer Coordinator 
  • Linda Reininger