Lyric Theatre Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the decision-making body for Lyric Theatre. Board members are elected for a two year term by the general membership, and meet monthly to discuss finances, repertoire, facilities, volunteers, and a variety of other subjects. In addition, a number of committees have been formed to address specific areas.

Board Membership

  • President: Larry Tom
  • Vice-President: Steve Austin
  • Secretary: Paul Zawilski
  • Treasurer: Joel Greene
Board Members 

Steve Austin, Ann Byler, Doreen Finkelstein, Chris Frye, Bruce Herman, Laurie Hupman, Asha Kelly, Sharon Martin, Barbara Murray, Peter Spicer, Larry Tom, Jeff Yaeger, Paul Zawilski

In addition to the Board, there are a number of “staff" positions (remember that we are all volunteers!)


Box Office Manager
  • Chris Frye
Costume Shop Manager 
  • Kathleen O'Brien
Database Manager
  • Chris Frye
Theater Venue Manager
  • Steve Austin
Volunteer Coordinator 
  • Anja Seibt


  • Chair Bruce Herman
  • Members Ann Byler, Dennis Gaushell, Bob March, Robert Reininger, Larry Tom
  • Chair Don Krajewski
  • Treasurer Joel Greene
  • Members Ann Byler, Chris Frye, Peter Krajewski, Jeffrey Yaeger
  • Chair Don Krajewski
  • Members Ann Byler

Graphic Designer

  • Cheryl Fuller
IT Group
  • Chair Steve Austin
  • Webmaster Larry Byler
  • Web Designer Tim Converse
  • Chair Dennis Gaushell
  • Members Ann Byler, Larry Byler, Chris Frye, Maggie Fukuda, Asha Kelly, Jeff Yaeger
Newsletter, The Patter Post
  • Editor Bruce Herman
  • Staff Larry Byler, Linda Jansen, Neil Midkiff
Orchestra Managers 
  • Ann Byler (strings)
  • Joel Greene (woodwinds)
  • Jeff Yaeger (brass)
Organizational Staff
  • Chair Ann Byler
  • Members Steve Austin, Christina Bertani, Chris Frye, Dennis Gaushell
  • Chair (open)
  • Photography
Production Review
  • Co-Chairs Doreen Finkelstein and Michele Sullivan
  • Members Ann Byler, Christina Bertani, Laurie Hupman, Barbara Murray, Sarah Terman
Production Staff
  • Chair (temporary) Ann Byler
  • Members Mark Blattel, Chris Frye, Bruce Herman, Laurie Hupman, Kathy Kriese, Larry Tom
  • Chair Barbara Murray
  • Members Mark Blattel, Ann Byler, Bruce Herman, Laurie Hupman, Jeffrey Yaeger
  • Chair Michele Sullivan
  • Members Ray Burleigh, Ann Byler, Doreen Finkelstein, Don Krajewski, Rover Spotts
  • (open)