Want To Perform With Us?  Wonderful!

You're thinking about performing with us? Wonderful—come and audition for a show! We need people who are singers, dancers and actors, and we accommodate a variety of abilities. Whether you are an enthusiastic amateur looking at your first performance or a seasoned opera vocalist, we may have just the part for you. If you are a musician, check out our orchestra information.

In practical terms, rehearsals are on weeknights in the two months leading to a show. We expect that you have day jobs and don't sing or perform for a living. In fact, at the beginning of the schedule we will run though a teaching process with the music before placing staging. The schedule will vary from show to show, and it can get quite intense before opening night.

But... this is fun! Not only do we get to dress up, jump around and speak like a pirate (occasionally), it's also a bonding experience with the added benefit of improving our voice and acting skills. It's one thing to sing in a choir or waltz around a ballroom, but quite a different experience to engage an audience with song and dance.

And our plays are fun! Gilbert and Sullivan's works are nuanced musical orchestrations with librettos that trip off the tongue with the full force of an opera behind them. Our other shows usually combine music, comedy and drama.
Upcoming Auditions:

Wizard of Oz sceneThe Wizard of Oz

Music:  Harold Arlen
Lyrics:  E.Y. Harburg
Background music:  Herbert Stothart

Photo courtesy of Community Theatre of Greensboro

Audition dates:  Sunday – Tuesday May 27 – 29, 7 – 10 PM

Callbacks:  Sunday June 3, beginning at 7:00 PM

Use this link to sign up for an appointment.  You may also call (408)986-1455.

If you are unable to make any of these times please send an email to auditions@lyrictheatre.org to make other arrangements.

Performance dates: October 13, 19 & 27 at 8pm – October 14, 20, 21 & 28 at 2pm.

All performances will be at San José City College.

Stage Director:  Barbara Murray
Music Director/Conductor:  Asa Stern

Audition details:  Non-AEA, all roles are open.  Auditions take place at the Lyric Theatre warehouse, 1609 Regatta Lane, Ste. D, San Jose.  Bring music in your own key, your BEST 90 seconds.  An accompanist will be provided, no unaccompanied auditions.  Songs from the show are okay however songs from other shows in the same style are strongly encouraged. You will also need a monologue up to 2 minutes in length either comedic or dramatic. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Arrive early to fill out paper work and bring a recent photo and conflict calendar.  Rehearsals begin early August.

Kids are strongly encouraged to audition and will be used throughout the show.

Character descriptions and vocal ranges:

Dorothy:  Young girl who, typical preteen (or teen) is bored living on the farm—and knows there must be something better. She is protective of her best friend-- her dog, Toto.  She is compassionate and impulsive—acts before thinking much of the time—regretting it later.
  Vocal Range: Legit/Mix Mezzo Soprano: G3  to C#5 (E5)

Note:   Some of the following characters are often double with those living in Kansas.  We may or may not do that depending upon audition.

Scarecrow/Hunk: (dances)  He is very practical with good old common sense. Smart but thinks he is not (probably because he doesn’t use big words or write long essays) He is floppy, flexible, loveable.
  Vocal Range: Baritone: Bb2 to F4 (Ab4)

Tin Man/Hickory: (dances)  He is very proper—sort of old school gentleman. He is very loving even though he thinks he has no heart—he clearly cares about all others.
Vocal Range: Bb2 to G4

Lion/Zeke:  He is loveable –a teddy bear kind of guy who is afraid of his own shadow until he has to take action to save Dorothy. He has a tendency to be very overly dramatic.
  Vocal Range: Bb2 to F4

Miss Gultch/Wicked Witch of the West: Mean spirited—crabby. Out to punish Dorothy through destroying those she loves. Very Powerful and knows it. Has a temper but also a warped sense of humor.
  Vocal Range: Ab2 to Bb3 (singing not required)

Professor Marvel/The Wizard: A Carnival worker (of a level B carnival). He is a Con Artist and a Charlatan but he has a very kind heart when it comes right down to it. He is very clever.

Glinda the Good Witch/(possibly Aunt Em): She is “good” really because “only bad witches are ugly” and she is beautiful. She rules over the Munchkins. A lot of her choices actually hurt Dorothy but she is always there to get her out of trouble when the chips are down.
  Vocal Range: Legit Mezzo Soprano: G3 to C5

Aunt Em: Kind hearted but focused on tasks that need to be done, so she sometimes misses things—like Dorothy’s needs. She is very practical.

Emerald City Guard/Uncle Henry:  Brusque, does what is expected—follows the law and directions. Has a big heart.

ENSEMBLE:  Everyone will play many different characters: There are 3 smart mouth crows, 3 trees, Head of the Monkeys (and Monkeys), Head of the Winkies (and Winkies), all the Munchkin characters (Mayor, Coroner, Lolli-Pop League, Lullaby Girls, etc. All the Ozians in the welcome number and brush up number.

Mayor, Barrister, City Fathers, Teachers, Braggart:  Spoken lines in rhythm.

Coroner:  Bb3  to B4.

Lullaby League (Tots):  Sing and hold harmony: B3 to D5.

Lollipop League (Tough Kids): Bb3 to D5.

Crows: Sing and hold harmony: D4 to D5 (one to B5) (octave lower for male voices).

Trees: Sing and hold harmony - B2 to C5 (one to E5).