Want To Perform With Us?  Wonderful!

You're thinking about performing with us? Wonderful—come and audition for a show! We need people who are singers, dancers and actors, and we accommodate a variety of abilities. Whether you are an enthusiastic amateur looking at your first performance or a seasoned opera vocalist, we may have just the part for you. If you are a musician, check out our orchestra information.

In practical terms, rehearsals are on weeknights in the two months leading to a show. We expect that you have day jobs and don't sing or perform for a living. In fact, at the beginning of the schedule we will run though a teaching process with the music before placing staging. The schedule will vary from show to show, and it can get quite intense before opening night.

But... this is fun! Not only do we get to dress up, jump around and speak like a pirate (occasionally), it’s also a bonding experience with the added benefit of improving our voice and acting skills. It's one thing to sing in a choir or waltz around a ballroom, but quite a different experience to engage an audience with song and dance.

And our plays are fun! Gilbert and Sullivan’s works are nuanced musical orchestrations with librettos that trip off the tongue with the full force of an opera behind them. Our other shows usually combine music, comedy and drama.
Upcoming Auditions:

Pinafore artwork

Audition Dates and Location:

Thursday, January 30th 7pm-10pm
Sunday, February 2nd 2-7pm
Monday, February 3rd, 7pm-10pm

Callbacks: Saturday February 8th, 10am-1pm.

All auditions will be held at Cupertino Middle School
1650 S. Bernardo Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Click here to sign up.  If the link doesn’t work, copy and paste


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If you are unable to audition on any of these dates, please contact our producer, Jeff Yaeger (LyricAuditions@gmail.com) to make alternate arrangements.

If you would like to participate in the production staff or crew, please contact Jeff about that as well.

Performance Dates:

  • Saturday May 30, 2020, 8 pm
  • Sunday May 31, 2020, 2 pm
  • Friday June 5, 2020, 8 pm
  • Saturday June 6, 2020, 2 pm
  • Sunday June 7, 2020, 2 pm

All performances will be given at the Montgomery Theater in downtown San José, fully staged with orchestra.

Stage Director: Doreen Finkelstein
Music Director: Madeleine Graham
Producer: Jeff Yaeger

Audition and Callback info:  We seek a diverse cast that reflects the diversity of the Bay Area.  All experience levels are welcome. People of all races and ethnicities are encouraged to audition for all roles.  All roles are open.  Non-AEA, no pay.   Prepare a solo to demonstrate your vocal range and skill, in English, memorized.  An accompanist will be provided; unaccompanied auditions and recorded accompaniment are not allowed.

Lyric Theatre is a nonprofit community theater organization.  Cast members will be expected to contribute at least 12 hours to the mounting of the production (sets, costumes, publicity, etc.) in addition to rehearsal and performance time.

About the show:

You’ve never auditioned for a Gilbert & Sullivan show before? (Hardly ever?)  

Or you’re a G&S fan who already knew where we were going with that joke? 

Either way, come audition for HMS Pinafore, G&S’s classic naval parody that pokes fun at duty, class, and how to succeed in politics!  There’s a self-important government official who worked his way up to being First Lord of the Admiralty despite never having gone to sea, a plot device of a tenor and a soprano who love each other but can’t get together because of Reasons, and a mysterious woman with a very convenient secret.  Come be a part of the show that is both so very British and so very anti-British that Queen Victoria is rumored to have said her famous quote, “we are not amused,” after its premiere in 1878.  Ever wonder where Family Guy got half its musical theater jokes?  This is that show! Join us in bringing out all the humor and merriment of this swashbuckling love story with a plot that you probably shouldn’t think too hard about or else it gets weird.  Featuring classic songs like “I’m Called Little Buttercup”, “When I was a Lad”  and many more!

Roles Available:

We are open to turning traditionally male roles into “pants” roles in this production  (soprano-alto singers portraying men on stage), with appropriate changes in octave as necessary.  In addition, we encourage people of all genders to audition for whichever role(s) is of interest to them.  Characters will be portrayed as their originally written gender on stage.

Sir Joseph Porter, KCB (Comic Baritone):  A pompous government official who is in charge of the navy despite having no naval experience. He believes he is more magnanimous than he is.

Capt. Corcoran (Lyric Baritone):  A kindly captain who tries to do the right thing, but isn’t always sure what that is.  He is a little out of his depth in dealing with his sailors and his daughter.

Ralph Rackstraw (Tenor):  A smart and capable able seaman whose biggest fault is that he believes he has no faults.  He falls in love with Josephine, and even though she is above his station, decides to pursue her.

Dick Deadeye (Bass-Baritone)A very sensible seaman who has the misfortune of being extremely ugly, and therefore never listened to.  He is less resigned to this than he lets on.

Josephine (Soprano):  Capt. Corcoran’s daughter.  She is in love with Ralph, and is torn between her duty to her father and her desire to follow her feelings.

Buttercup (Alto):  A practical bumboat woman with an air of mystery.  

Hebe (Mezzo):  Sir Joseph’s cousin.  A social climber who wishes to marry Sir Joseph for the sake of the position it will give her.

Boatswain’s Mate (baritone),  Carpenter’s Mate (bass):  Well-meaning and generally liked shipmates.

Chorus of sailors and Sir Joseph’s sisters, cousins, and aunts.