Want To Perform With Us?  Wonderful!

You're thinking about performing with us? Wonderful—come and audition for a show! We need people who are singers, dancers and actors, and we accommodate a variety of abilities. Whether you are an enthusiastic amateur looking at your first performance or a seasoned opera vocalist, we may have just the part for you. If you are a musician, check out our orchestra information.

In practical terms, rehearsals are on weeknights in the two months leading to a show. We expect that you have day jobs and don't sing or perform for a living. In fact, at the beginning of the schedule we will run though a teaching process with the music before placing staging. The schedule will vary from show to show, and it can get quite intense before opening night.

But... this is fun! Not only do we get to dress up, jump around and speak like a pirate (occasionally), it's also a bonding experience with the added benefit of improving our voice and acting skills. It's one thing to sing in a choir or waltz around a ballroom, but quite a different experience to engage an audience with song and dance.

And our plays are fun! Gilbert and Sullivan's works are nuanced musical orchestrations with librettos that trip off the tongue with the full force of an opera behind them. Our other shows usually combine music, comedy and drama.
Upcoming Auditions:
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Producer: Jeff Yaeger
Assistant Producer: Doreen Finkelstein

Stage Director:  Walter M. Mayes
Vocal Director:
Walter M. Mayes

Music Director: Paul Zawilski

Performances March 23-31, 2019 at the San José City College Theater

Audition Dates:
Friday September 14th 7-10pm
Tuesday September 18th 7-10pm
Saturday September 22nd, 10am-1pm

Callbacks on September 29 10am-1pm

Click HERE to sign up.

Audition and Callback info:
All roles are open. Non-AEA, no pay.   Prepare 24-32 bars of a song NOT FROM THE SHOW to demonstrate your vocal range and skill, in English, memorized.  An accompanist will be provided; unaccompanied auditions and recorded accompaniment are not allowed.

Audition Location:
Auditions will be held at Cupertino Middle School (1650 S. Bernardo Ave, Sunnyvale CA, 94087) in the music room, accessible from the side parking lot.

If you are unable to audition on any of these dates, please contact our producer, Jeff Yaeger (LyricAuditions@gmail.com) to make alternate arrangements.

If you would like to participate in the production staff or crew, please let us know by phone or email.

Lyric Theatre is a nonprofit community theater organization.  Cast members will be expected to contribute at least 12 hours to the mounting of the production (sets, costumes, publicity, etc.) in addition to rehearsal and performance time.

About the show:

Colonel Fairfax has been framed by his cousin and is about to be executed.  Sergeant Meryll, his son Leonard, and his daughter Phoebe plan a daring escape for him.  The plan depends on Phoebe wheedling the cell keys from Head Jailer Wilfred Shadbolt, who has a crush on her.

Two strolling players, Jack Point and Elsie Maynard, arrive at the tower.  Elsie, badly needing money, accepts 100 crowns to be married anonymously to Fairfax, being told that he will die in an hour.  But then he escapes...

There is also plenty of humor, as Phoebe toys with Wilfred, while Sergeant Meryll tries to avoid elderly Dame Carruthers, who “would marry but for a minute rather than die an old maid.”

Roles Available:

  • Phoebe Meryll, 20-35, Mezzo. Clever, comic actor needed for this delicious role. A plotter.

  • Colonel Fairfax, 30-35, Tenor.  Under a death sentence. Poetic, with a dashing, doomed air about him. A thinker.

  • Jack Point, 30-35, Baritone.  Patter role. An excellent actor is required for this complex man of mirth. A jester.

  • Sergeant Meryll, 45-65, Bass-Baritone.  One of the titular yeomen. Loving father, not afraid to go against the rules, who then finds himself caught in a trap of romance. Adventurous when he has to be. A patriarch.

  • Elsie Maynard, 25-50, Soprano.  With all the trapping of a traditional G&S leading lady, torn between lovers, but more complex; she must also be comically inclined, spiritually conflicted, and ultimately decisively cruel. An enigma.

  • Dame Carruthers, somewhere between 40 and death.  Alto. Formidable keeper of the keys, she sees all and has an opinion on everything. Dotes on Sgt. Meryll and gets him in the end.  A sentinel.

  • Wilfred Shadbolt, 30-50, Baritone.  Head Jailer and Assistant Tormentor. Comic timing a must! Easily deceived because he thinks he’s clever. He isn’t. A dolt!

  • Leonard Meryll, 20-35, Tenor.  Like his father, he loves his sister and duty.  A nice guy.

  • Sir Richard Cholmondeley, 40-70, Bass-Baritone.  Inflexible Lieutenant of the Tower of London.  A leader.

  • Kate, 18-30, Soprano.  Dame Carruther’s niece.  Appears out of nowhere because they needed another voice in the Second Act.  She MUST bring something else to the role.  Surprise us!

  • Chorus of Yeomen, Warders, and Citizens. Male and female, all ages.