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Auditions for Pirates of Penzance

posted May 7, 2015, 5:38 PM by Justin Horn   [ updated May 7, 2015, 5:38 PM by Larry Byler ]
Lyric Theatre
Announces auditions for
The Pirates of Penzance
Monday, June 15th, Tuesday, June 16th, and 
Friday, June 19th 7 - 10 p.m.
Saturday,  June 20th 11:00 am – 2:00 pm

with callbacks Wednesday, July 1st beginning at 7:30 p.m.
Performance dates: October 3rd, 9th, & 10th at 8pm, October 4th & 11th at 2pm with a mid-week performance for school children on Wednesday, October 7th  with a 9:30am curtain and an 8am call.
Stage Director: Kathy Tom
Music Director/Conductor: David Herberg
Non-AEA, all roles are open. Auditions take place at the Lyric Theatre rehearsal facility, 430 Martin Ave., Santa Clara.

To make an appointment visit our sign up page or call (408)986-9090. Bring music in your own key, an accompanist will be provided, no unaccompanied auditions. Please, no songs from The Pirates of Penzance. Arrive early to fill out paper work and bring a conflict calendar. Rehearsals begin early August. All Performances take place at the Montgomery Theater in San Jose.
Character descriptions – Pirates of Penzance   
Vocal type and range given where capital C is middle C, and other c's are there to show the range of octaves.  (ex. - Mabel never goes down to middle C.)
Stage age 21 
Tenor / range: D C Bb
Young, manly, and sure of himself in many ways, yet inexperienced in the ways of the world.  Genuine and innocent, he is energetic, out-going, & honest. He is sincere in trying to do the honorable thing and puts his sense of duty above everything else, including love. Lithe and a good mover.
Stage age approximately 20 
Soprano / range: (C) D c c Db
Lovely and independent ward of Major General Stanley.  Firm in her convictions, she has the respect, yet also the jealousy of his other wards.  She is sweet, innocent, and well-spoken. Brave in the face of adversity, she is the type of young woman who would be an equal partner rather than a subservient spouse.  (No shrinking violet here!)  Light of spirit and on her feet, she needs an expressive voice with excellent diction.
Age open, but a stage age of at least 30   
Bass-Baritone / range:  F# c C Eb
A whole-hearted romantic, he thoroughly enjoys the image of himself standing at the helm of his ship with the wind blowing in his hair a la Errol Flynn!  He is a charismatic and natural leader who exhibits his joie de vivre at every turn.  Though he can be soft-hearted and obviously cares for his men, he is also a cunning master with strong convictions. Athletic and a good mover, he needs a good sense of comedic timing.  A strong and rousing way of speaking is important.
Stage age 50 plus 
Baritone / range: Bb c C  F
A caricature of an old-fashioned British General (who has, perhaps, just been serving in India), he is part commander and part loving father-figure. He has no fear outwardly of taking control of any situation or of using whatever means to accomplish his ends. Yet, inwardly he questions his own convictions. Warm, light-hearted, and compassionate, he is quirky and proud of it!  He takes his role as guardian very seriously and genuinely cares about his wards.  Excellent diction and articulation important.
Actually stage age 47 years old. 
Contralto / range:   G C c F#  
Frederic's childhood nanny who seems lost and forlorn at the prospect of losing him,... until she does. She shows the most change of emotion, going from clingy and solicitous to self-sufficient and independent.  Needs to be a good mover and energetic. Comic timing important. Accent should not be upper class, but location of origin is not given beyond her being British.
Age Open 
Baritone / range:  Bb c C F
The Pirate King’s right hand man. Stoic and secure in his place in life. Dedicated supporter of the Pirate King.  Has a little dialogue and some solo singing.  Accent open as with Ruth
Age Open 
Bass / range: Eb c C E
Comic role – leader of a band of scaredy-cat policemen who want to appear brave. Can be portrayed as somewhat of a ‘bumbling’ or clumsy character, but needs to be a good mover, preferably a good dancer. Common English accent.
Stage age slightly older or of an age with Mabel 
Soprano / range: Ab C c G
The sensible one of Mabel’s "sisters", she is the unchallenged "leader" of the girls when Mabel is not there to sway their hearts.  She is practical
and a realist.
Age open 
Mezzo / range:  Ab C c E
One of Mabel’s "sisters", she is outspoken and a bit sassy, but in a fun way. Loves to tease - goes through life with a twinkle in her eye.
Age open, stage age obviously younger than Mabel
The youngest of M.G. Stanley's wards.  Naïve, enthusiastic, and very taken with the big, wide world around her.  A bit of a dreamer with a tendency to romanticize everything.
Variety of ages needed
Sopranos / range: Ab C c G
Altos / range: G C c E
Mabel’s "sisters-in-chancery", each with a unique personality and full of life.
Variety of ages needed 
Tenor / range:  D  C  G
Bass / range: Eb c C E
An assorted band of misfits who love & serve their Pirate King and take their profession quite seriously.
Ages open
Bass / range: Eb c C E
Must be able to move well.  More comic than the Pirates.  Most Police will perform as Pirates in Act I.