Gilbert and Sullivan Festivity songs, bidding rules, and details

Gilbert and Sullivan Festivity FAQ

How does the bidding work?
The minimum bids are $50 for a solo song, $25 for a chorus song.  Winning bids include one admission to the event.

Choose the song, or songs that you want to bid on from the list at right.  Clicking the title of a song will take you to its bid sheet (in a new browser tab).

On a blank line, enter your name, your email address (used only for notifications), and your bid.  Please, even dollars only.

You may revisit the bid sheets as often as you want, and enter new bids in response to those of others.  Please do not alter any existing bids.

To bid on more than one song, you may either click another title on this page or find its tab on the bid sheet and go there directly.

Can I bid on more than one song?

Absolutely!  As many as you want, from the solos and/or the chorus numbers.

How long do I have to make my bids?
Bidding is open now, and will remain open through March 12.

I understand the high bidder for a solo song will win.  What happens for the chorus numbers?
For the chorus songs, the 20 highest bids will win.

When will I hear if I have won?
We will contact all high bidders beginning March 13.  If we cannot contact a high bidder, or if we have difficulty collecting payment, we reserve the right to select the next highest bid.

I've won a bid.  What comes next?
The highest bidder for each song chooses who gets to sing it on stage at the Festivity – themselves, or someone else they recruit.  This also applies to the chorus song winners.  All winners, or their Lord High Substitutes, will receive a ticket to the Festivity.

You will be contacted for payment and the name of your designee, if any.  You or your designee will be given a voucher for a free ticket.  Seats are assigned, so don't delay!

Bidding winners/designees will be accompanied by Lyric Theatre’s orchestra; chorus parts (where applicable) will be sung by Lyric Theatre singers.  All songs must be sung in their original key, but they may be performed in any octave.  There are no restrictions on who may sing any of these songs – all ages, genders, and experience levels are welcome.  This is a chance for everyone who loves Gilbert & Sullivan to come sing it on stage for the fun of it.

I already bought a ticket before I found out I won a bid.
Your ticket price will be deducted from your bid payment.  For example, if you bought a ticket and then won with a $100 bid, you would pay an additional $80.

What if someone cheats by changing my bid?
As we're all G&S lovers, hopefully no one would do that.  But in the unlikely event that happens, we will be able to tell, as we are notified of all changes to the document.

Can I wear a costume?
Yes, you can!  This is your song, and your moment, so feel free to wear a costume.  But if you'd rather sing in concert dress or street clothes, that's fine, too.

Will there be a microphone?
Yes, one hand-held microphone will be available for solo singers if they want to use it.

Will there be music for me?  
Yes, we will provide the music / words to all winners.  

What if I have other questions?

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A night at the theater is a great outing for your club, co-workers, friends, or family. Please contact the Lyric Theatre Box Office at 408-986-1455 or email for more information.

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Click on any of the song titles below to access its bid sheet.

The solo songs available for bid:

HMS Pinafore:
  I’m called Little Buttercup (song only, no recit.)
  I am the Captain of the Pinafore (song only, no recit.)

The Pirates of Penzance:
  Oh better far to live and die (I am the pirate King)
The Mikado:
  On a tree by a river (Tit-Willow)

The Yeomen of the Guard:

Two chorus songs available for bid:

The Pirates of Penzance:
  With cat-like tread