The Gondoliers photo gallery
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Photo, The merriest fellows
The merriest fellows are we
Antonio: John Paul Kilecdi-Li

Photo - We're called gondolieri
We're called gondolieri
Marco:  Michael Stahl     Giuseppe:  Mark Blattel

Photo - This is Tessa
This is Tessa!  Rapture, rapture!
Tessa:  Asha Kelly    Giuseppe:  Mark Blattel

Photo - Gianetta and Marco
Just the very girl I wanted!
Gianetta: Angela Harrington    Marco: Michael Stahl

Photo - Duke and Duchess
Photo - Casilda and Luiz

We were billing,                        Ah, woe is me!
we were cooing.                                              
Duke: Jeff Lampert                  Casilda: Jessica Smith
Duchess: Katie Francis                   Luiz: Marlon Chen
Photo - As one individual
As one individual

Photo - royal Queen
A right down regular royal Queen

Photo - contemplative fashion
In a contemplative fashion