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Our 2024 Light Opera Festival is Coming Up

We’re in rehearsals for our third annual San José Light Opera Festival, coming up July 20 through August 4, 2024.

One ticket for each of the three Festival shows:

best seats available 

at the performances of your choice!

Saves 15 - 20% off regular ticket prices

with no fees!

Presented on the main stage of the

Hammer Theatre Center

101 Paseo De San Antonio

In downtown San José

Pictures, parking map, information


The Executive Director of the 2024 San Jose Light Opera Festival is Chris Frye.

The Best of Cole Porter

A choral concert with orchestra featuring the famously witty and sophisticated jazz age songs of the great Cole Porter, one of America's most popular and prolific songwriters.

The Red Mill

The great Victor Herbert's first successful Broadway musical (1906), presented in our semi-staged “Discovery”” format.  We chose this show for the 2024 Festival to mark the 100th anniversary of Herbert's death.

Fiddler on the Roof

A fully staged production of this beloved and enduring Broadway classic, which explores tradition and love in the face of the generation gap, societal change, and ethnic prejudice.

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