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Lyric Theatre celebrates a diverse musical theatre heritage, with roots in Gilbert & Sullivan and other light opera.

Since 1972, we have been honored to present more than 150 light opera and musical theatre productions, as well research and reconstruct several works previously lost to history. It is our priority to engage our local San José/ Bay Area community by:

  • Cultivating a welcoming, inclusive organization that gives local artists from all backgrounds opportunities to collaborate on musically complex, exquisitely designed, exciting stage productions;

  • Introducing new audiences to the satirical and comic operetta tradition popularized by Gilbert and Sullivan;

  • Providing affordable and accessible programming that our entire community can enjoy.



Lyric Theatre has always been a close-knit haven for Bay Area light opera enthusiasts. We are taking steps to build and sustain diversity and equity at all levels of our organization, and are excited to grow our family!


In addition to producing traditional interpretations of classic shows, we enjoy upending expectations and reimagining historical works in new ways. We seek fresh ideas and perspectives in all aspects of design, direction, performance, and programming.


We aim to give our contemporary audiences the same joy and thrill experienced by the original audiences. In addition to large-scale staged productions, Lyric Theatre's Discovery program focuses on researching, reconstructing, and performing semi-staged concerts of previously lost works from the 19th and early 20th Century.

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