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Education and Outreach

Lyric Theatre is committed to providing opportunities for experienced and novice performing artists, designers, technicians, and directors in San José and throughout the Bay Area.

Several San José high schools lack the physical and financial resources to provide hands-on training to students interested in technical stagecraft. We plan to offer safe, free and low-cost after-school training programs. We also plan to recruit college students for our casts as well as internships in design, stage management, and dramaturgy. However, to make these plans a reality we need a central location that is easy to access by public transportation.

Lyric Theatre has been entertaining South Bay audiences and introducing generations to classical music and theatre for decades. We hope to find a "forever home" that includes full-time warehouse/shop spaces for scenery and costumes, as well as reliable access to rehearsal and performance spaces as needed.

We are currently searching for locations that include (or have sufficient space for):

  • Scenery shop (including storage and workshop, minimum 800 sq ft with high ceilings and loading dock)

  • Costume shop (including storage and workshop, minimum 700 sq ft)

  • At least one rehearsal room (minimum 900 sq ft)

  • An office or conference room

If you are interested in partnering with Lyric Theatre to provide unique educational and youth programming unlike anything currently available in the South Bay, we'd love to hear from you!

Outreach Partnerships Contact

Thanks for getting in touch!

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