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Coming November 3 to 5 
               in our Discovery series....


Music Director: Bruce Herman

Stage Director: Tressa Bender

Madame Sherry became a smash hit when it opened on Broadway in 1910. It is a musical comedy farce, telling the tale of bachelor Edward Sherry, a New York bon vivant, relying on copious amount of money he gets from his uncle to sustain his lifestyle. He has convinced his moralistic uncle (who has been away for years searching for the arms of the Venus de Milo) that he is a devoted family man. When Uncle makes an unannounced surprise visit, Edward must quickly scramble to come up with two grown children and a wife—Madame Sherry!

Written at a time when musicals were transitioning from the romantic European operetta traditions to the newer, jazzier ragtime music and expressive dancing, Madame Sherry is filled with delightful music. The once famous song “Every Little Movement Has a Meaning All Its Own” originated in this production, as well as interpolations “Ciribiribin” and “Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey.” The show was a staple of stock and amateur companies for decades after its premiere.

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