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Limited Screening with New Special Features

Watch anytime November 7 - 8, 2020

The Merry Widow

Franz Lehár's 1905 Viennese comedy

English translation by stage director Don Tull

Lyric Theatre's 2002 lavish production with subtitles



In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Lyric Theatre is excited to offer a new kind of theatre experience!

Our Digital Mainstage "plus" events include a fully orchestrated and staged production, plus discussions with directors and designers, stories from behind the curtain, and a social hour where you can meet the cast, orchestra, crew, and other members of the audience from the safety of your home!

We've set up this Digital Mainstage+ event so that you can enjoy the show and special features at your own convenience over the weekend of November 7-8, 2020. On November 6, check your email for a link to a private YouTube playlist that includes the full show and special features as well as access to an exclusive Zoom social hour.

Get the all-in-one experience of attending a live performance by watching the exclusive YouTube videos in this order:

Panel Discussion with Production Leadership

30 min.


Learn about the making of this production and get viewing (and listening!) tips from the show's leadership including the stage and music directors, costume designer, and stage manager.

View sample clip from the panel discussion:

Full Show

2 hours 23 min.


We've divided the show into two separate videos in the same playlist, with the Backstage Pass featurette included as a separate video in the playlist between Acts I and II.

View sample clip from the show:

Backstage Pass Featurette

17 min.


We've gone back in time and behind the scenes to learn all about the making of this production with members of the cast. Find out what made this experience so special and why performers keep coming back to the Lyric Theatre community.

View sample clip from the featurette:

Zoom Social Hour

5:00 PM on Sunday, November 8


Join members of the cast, crew, orchestra, and audience in this casual social (digital) post-show theatre lobby reception!

Scheduling Tip:

If you start the first video at 1:30 PM on Sunday, November 8 you will finish the show just in time to join the 5:00 Zoom call! This includes 15 minutes of break time as needed for your comfort.

Original Playbill

Check out the printed program from the 2002 production for cast of characters and artist biographies. Note, some things may have changed in the last 18 years!

Merry Widow Old Program.jpg
Merry Widow Old Program Bios 5.jpg
PP2002-03 Merry Widow.jpg
PP2002-03 Merry Widow 2.jpg

Original Patter Post

Step back in time and read all about this production in Lyric Theatre's October 2002 edition of The Patter Post, including an article by stage director Don Tull.

Tech Tips


I have a Smart TV or a wifi enabled device with a YouTube app.

e.g. TVs with built-in wifi or plug-in devices like Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV

I have a regular TV a wifi-enabled plug-in device for casting or mirroring from my phone, tablet, or computer.

e.g. Apple TV, Chromecast

I have a regular TV and want to attach it to my computer using a cable.


If you want to view the show using the YouTube app on your TV, click on the YouTube link sent in your confirmation email. Then, add it to your Watch Later list. On the day of the event, sign in to your YouTube account on your TV and you should see the video on your Watch Later list.

You can also view the show by casting or mirroring your phone, tablet, or computer to your TV.


Spoiler Alert!

Act 1: The salon outside the grand ballroom at the Pontevedrian Embassy


The wealthy widow Hanna Glawari is in Paris, looking for a new husband. Baron Zeta, the ambassador of her homeland, Pontevedro, is scheming to ensure she marries one of her countrymen in order to save Pontevedro from bankruptcy. The man he has in mind is Danilo Danilovitsch, but it soon turns out that the two were former lovers. Danilo is too proud and will not marry Hanna for her wealth. But he does agree to sabotage the efforts of the other bachelors at a party that evening.

Act 2: The Garden of Madame Glawari’s Home – the next evening


Hanna hosts a party at her Parisian Villa in celebration of the Grand Duke’s birthday. During the festivities, Hanna announces her engagement to the French bachelor Camille. Baron Zeta is distraught and Danilo, suddenly aware of his true feelings for Hanna, storms out to go and drown his sorrows at Maxim’s, his favorite cabaret club. Hanna sees Danilo’s reaction and realizes that he does indeed love her and rejoices.

Act 3: Maxim’s establishment – the next night


Hanna follows Danilo to Maxim’s and reveals to him that the engagement to Camille was a ruse; she was simply protecting another woman’s reputation. Danilo is delighted but still will not propose to Hanna. She then reveals that her late husband’s will states that she will lose her fortune if she remarries.

What happens next? See the show to find out!

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